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We are a software startup based in the city center of Graz – changing the world of parking. Do you want to join us at our journey? Come and work with us! If you are a person who really wants to have an impact you are the perfect fit. At Arivo you have the freedom to bring your ideas to life. The only thing that really counts are the results. So we care less about fixed working hours, formal education or bureaucracy.

At Arivo we have the vision to make parking completely easy and seamless for everyone – the end customer and our customer. We do this by combining high-tech solutions (like our industry leading LPR software) with easy and innovative user interfaces. Our clients range from small companies and apartment blocks to huge garages with over 700 parking lots and enterprises listed on the stock market.

Do you want to develop the products of tomorrow? We are currently searching for:

Your tasks:

  • Maintenance and development of our webapps
  • Design new user interfaces and user experiences
  • Be annoyed by IE11 incompatibilities

Your profile:

  • Professional experience in Web-Frontend development
  • Experience using Web-Frameworks like Angular
  • Experience with transpilers like Typescript, SASS/LESS
  • Not afraid of using build systems like gulp or webpack
  • Quality awareness and a sense for usability, can build a usable Web-App for everyday people
  • Fluent in either English or German
  • Basic usage of GIT

Your tasks:

  • Develop new serversided code and matching APIs
  • Build scalable and distributed backend systems
  • Maintain the CI/CD pipeline and keep our services running

Your profile:

  • Good knowledge about python and its standard libraries
  • Experience with any python web framework
  • Experience with any relational or NoSQL database system
  • Comfortable using docker
  • Fluent in either English or German
  • Basic usage of GIT


A word from our CTO:

On the technical side we are using kubernetes on google cloud for our main services. They are all managed via helm scripts which enables us to easily revert versions or run test/staging instances with no additional effort. Other auxiliary services are running on VPS from either Google or OVH. Apart from a legacy system nobody bothered to port, everything is running in docker containers. Most of the services have a CI/CD pipeline on gitlab which handels building and testing. We are able to roll out new versions into our garages in 5 minutes from push to master until deployment. Containers running in those garages can be edited in a web ui which even has a vim editor, for the fine people that are using vim. If you understood this paragraph of nerdy gibberish or are nevertheless interested in learning about those technologies come join us!

Apply now!

We do not need a fany application. Just write us some lines or stop by at our office for a coffee! You can also write us a mail to!

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