Discover the modern license plate recognition system for your parking with barriers

How does the Arivo ANPR system work?

The Arivo Automated Number Plate Recognition system can detect any license plate from the EU, including Switzerland Or Great Britain, under any weather condition. Once the camera reads the cars number plate, it searches in the database and looks whether the vehicle belongs to the whitelist or the blacklist.


Arivo allows you to associate every employee and guest to his license plate. This whitelist which grants access to members, can be administraded digitally from your computer or smartphone and exent you from the need of physical key cards.

Easy access

Arivo’s automatic license plate recogntion will automatically open the barrier just when your workers or guests arrive, making the access to your parking easy and comfortable.

Guest arrival notification

The system will also notify you when a guest arrived so that you can welcome them properly. A good first impresion will make wonders for your meetings with important customers.


Arivo keeps the cars you do not want in your parking out of your company’s premises. Intruders, past employees or unauthorized parksharing won’t be permited.

Intruder alarm

If there is an unwanted vehicle trying to enter your parking, Arivo will set an alarm upon recognition so that your security staff can intervene and punish wrong parkers.

Full overview

The security personnel would always be fully aware of all the vehicles present on the facility and in case there is a security breach, the ANPR system will provide them with the video evidence.

Automatic number plate recognition camera

How do you benefit from having a license plate recognition system?

Make entering your car park as comfortable as possible with automatic license plate recognition. This high technology allows many more features to make your parking safer and more lucrative.

We take care of everything! From quick installation to service and maintenance, everything is included in a complete package.

Here you can find out more about the many modern functions of our license plate recognition.

Be part of these modern developments and learn what options open up for you.

Kennzeichenerkennung Kamera

So, why Arivo? What can the Arivo license plate recognition do for you?

Our detection rate is of a 99.9%

The detection rate should be very close to 100% to guarantee smooth parking. Therefore, our self-developed license plate recognition software can recognize the number plates particularly reliable and fast.

Reliable and lightning fast

The detection is also extremely fast. This way tags are read in just 50ms seconds. Thus, the software can detect up to 20 license plates per second. This allows a particularly comfortable and reliable entry. Even the angle of retraction and the lighting conditions are unproblematic.


As soon as a license plate is recognized, the associated barrier is also opened. There is no need to attach a loop on site. With the recognition, other functions can thus be triggered: light switches, sounds, false parking warnings, etc.

High technology for the entire EU

Based on deep learning technologies, the software is getting better and better. The self-learning algorithms continue to learn. The software can already read all EU license plates, including license plates like those of Switzerland. Soon more countries will be added.

What is possible now through the combination of license plate recognition and web software?

First of all, of course, the comfortable entry and exit. Especially at peak times, the traffic flow much better, because no manual opening is necessary.

Added to this is the particularly easy management of the license plates on our online platform, which can be reached from anywhere, whether smartphone, tablet or PC. The management of the license plate also guarantees a secure access authorization and prevents wrong parkers and if that is not enough you can log all entrances and exits.

Naturally, our license plate recognition also enables reliable counting within the scope of data protection. The software always knows how much parking space is left and how much is occupied. Over time, accurate statistics on occupancy and user groups are calculated.

Man will not forget. The reception can keep track of the live dashboard. Expected visitors and just parking end are displayed and the reception can if necessary with one click open the barriers manually.

License plate recognition can also make the parking lot more lucrative. The software and an online shop for parking makes bookings of parking spaces particularly easy. Only the license plate and means of payment must be entered. Already a third party can rent a parking space and immediately enjoy the complete comfort.

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