Get to know the Arivo features that make parking management easy and reliable

Arivo makes inviting guests easy and comfortable

Arivo App Einladung

Invite your guests the charming way!

The new manner to open barrier and garages. Clients will open your barrier on their own, making them feel like it was their own garage.

Surprise your customers and guests with the Arivo invitation. This allows your guests a pleasant journey and the best possible reception.

Arivo App Navigation

Assist them in their journey!

Your clients have a hard time finding your parking garage? With the Arivo invitation your guests will receive a reminder via Email or SMS some hours before the meeting.

In it, he will find the navigation for the smartphone with the exact location of the entrance – for a carefree journey.

Arivo App - Schranken Öffnen

Receive them with a warm welcome

The “open entrance” button in the email really works! Arrived stress-free, the customer can independently open the barriers with his smartphone.

No app installation necessary – one click is enough! Or even more comfortable with our license plate recognition.

Cutting edge license plate recognition

License plate recognition finally also for office and residential buildings. Technologically up to date and as inexpensive as never before.

  • Reads license plate 20 times per second
  • No external triggering necessary
  • Detection rate> 99.9% in the live test
  • All European countries supported
  • Self-learning through state-of-the-art deep learning algorithms
Learn more about our ANPR system!

Control through specific authorizations and license plate management

Online management of parking permits has never been this simple. License plates can be added and removed at any time. Only those who have saved their license plate in the system will also be able to use the parking lot.

Arivo porter

Manage parking authorizations & license plates online

The management of license plates and parking permits is possible from anywhere! With the new web interface, access control can be coordinated very flexibly and quickly.

Quickly detect and punish park offenders

Arivo guarantees more safety through the new license plate recognition. If a stranger sneaks into the parking lot, he is detected and can be fined.

Individual parking limitations possible

You only want your guests on your parking lot for an hour at noon? Everything is possible with Arivo. Access can be constrained for specific lengths and to specific times.

Give your users the opportunity to manage their license plates themselves

Employees or tenants can be provided with an online access with which they can independently enter their current license plate. Thus, access cards or radio remote controls must not be distributed. This results in an administrative advantage and cost savings.

Leaving the license plate management to the tenants

Tenants receive an online access code when they move in. They are now enabled to register their own license plates. For those who don’t love the internet, there is a hotline.

Several license plates per parking space possible

Different license plates can be registered at the same time. For those who have more than one vehicle or those who would like their babysitter to use the parking space when they are away.

Anti-passback: only one vehicle per parking space

So that your parking space is not flooded with cars, there is an anti-passback system. This makes sure only one registered license plate can enter per parking space.

Overview of your parking with statistics and a live dashboard

The software and license plate recognition allow a reliable count of parked vehicles. Creating accurate logs and statistics of the parking space usage in your garage.This data in turn provides information about the rentable area.

Dashboard for real-time information and control

Guests now open your parking lot barrier on their own. But you always have the live overview of your expected guests and can intervene manually if something unexpected comes up.

Logging of all parking processes for maximum transparency

If you want to know who and how long someone used your parking space just activate our logs. Inconsistencies in the parking lot always show and you always know what happened.

Counting & usage of statistics for utilization optimization

Now you always know how many parking spaces are still available. On top of that you get valuable statistics for the use of your parking space. Optimization is just a few steps away.

Renting parking space as amazing as ever!

The rental of parking spaces will play an important role in the digital age in the modern city. The parking should be facilitated and the use of space should be improved. This is where the smart rental options come into play. Preventing vacancy while helping others park.

Online shop for long term parking rental

In the online shop you can now buy all your long-term parking tickets for your garage. License plate recognition requires no additional media. Book – pay – park!

Short term parking for high rentability

Short-term parkers are the solution if you are aiming for high returns with your underground garages. Either App or NFC payment station make it simple.

Overbooking - an insider tip of garage operators

Garage operators have been utilizing overbooking to increase the returns of their garages! Arivo gives you the knowledge and the technology to do so yourself.

Arivo carefree package

Get the Arivo complete package and enjoy all the benefits!

Open barrier
  • Manage Arivo through web solution from the office or on the go
  • Unconventional license plate recognition + cameras
  • Cancellable monthly
  • Installation within a short time
  • Online-shop for renting to long-term parker
  • Always enjoy the latest features
Let Arivo work for you!

Behind all these juicy features there is a team that is always at your disposal!